Texas Speech Communication Association

Interest Groups

Texas Forensic Association

This association is affiliated with TSCA. TFA meets at the annual TSCA Convention to elect officers and conduct business for the present school year.

2022-23: Chair: Nathaniel Council, Vice-Chair: Preston Stolte
2021-22: Chair: Lillian Adeyemi, Vice-Chair: Preston Stolte
2020-21: Chair: Lillian Adeyemi, Vice-Chair: John Mast
2019-20: Chair: Joe Uhler (Interim), Vice-Chair: John Mast
2018-19: Chair: Seth Pietsek, Vice-Chair: John Mast
2017-18: Chair: Noah Recker, Vice-Chair: John Mast
2016-17: Chair: Noah Recker, Vice-Chair: Perry Beard
2015-16: Chair: Gay Hollis, Vice-Chair: Noah Recker
2014-15: Chair: Kirsten Nash, Vice-Chair: Gay Hollis
2013-14: Chair: Joe Uhler; Vice-Chair: Kirsten Nash
2012-13 Chair: Heath Martin; Vice-Chair: Joe Uhler
2011-12 Chair: Shawn Mena; Vice-Chair: Heath Martin
2010-11 Chair: Robert Shepard; Vice-Chair: Shawn Mena

Argumentation and Debate

This interest group sponsors convention programs and workshops dealing with the teaching and coaching of debate on the middle school, high school, and college/university levels

2022-23 Chair: Perry Beard, Vice-Chair: Bryce Priotrowski
2020-21 Chair: Adesuwa Omoruyi, Vice-Chair: Eric Beane
2019-20 Chair: Eric Melin
2018-19 Chari: Jacob Koshak, Vice-Chair: Eric Melin
2017-18 Chair: Jacob Koshak, Vice-Chair: Harry Yu
2016-17 Chair: Chris Stowe, Vice-Chair: Jacob Koshak
2015-16 Chair: Rory McKenzie, Vice-Chair: Chris Stowe
2014-15 Chair: Eric Mears, Vice-Chair: Rory McKenzie
2013-14 Chair: Kaye Magill, Vice-Chair: Eric Mears
2012-13 Chair: Cindi Havron, Vice-Chair: Kaye Magill
2011-12 Chair: Greg McGee
2010-11 Chair: Jeremy Martin


TIFA is the college level forensics organization affiliated with TSCA. This association sponsors programs dealing with running and participating in college/university level forensics tournaments.

TJCSTA meets at the annual convention and sponsors programs which deal with speech communication and theatre issues on the community college level.

2022-23 Chair: Jeremy Hutchins, Vice-Chair: Wade Hescht
2020-21 Chair: Jeremy Hutchins, Vice-Chair: Justin Blacklock
2019-20 Chair: Sarah Contreras, Vice-Chair: Jeremy Hutchins
2018-19 Chair: Sarah Contreras
2017-18 Chair: Justin Blacklock
2016-17 Chair: Sarah Contreras (Interim), Vice-Chair: Justin Blacklock
2015-16 Chair: Brandon Wood
2014-15 Chair: Brandon Wood, Vice-Chair: Wade Hescht
2013-14 Chair: Kathy Owens
2012-13 Chair: Kathy Owens, Vice-Chair: Wade Hescht
2010-11 Chair: Floyd McConnell

Oral Interpretation & Performance Studies

This interest group focuses on the research, teaching, and performance of oral interpretaion at the middle school, high school, and college/university levels. This group sponsors the annual Professor's Reading Hour, and Meet the Author programs at the annual TSCA Convention each year

2022-23 Chair: Cryste Beard, Vice-Chair: Amberley Tanner
2020-21 Chair: Andrew George Barrett
2019-20 Chair: Amberley Tanner, Vice-Chair: Julie Schniers
2018-19 Chair: Robert Shepard, Vice-Chair: Amberley Tanner
2017-18 Chair: Anthony Cobb, Vice-Chair: Cedric West
2016-17 Chair: Kari McKenzie, Vice-Chair: Adam Henjum
2015-16 Chair: Aimee Kasprzyck
2014-15 Chair: Johnathon Boyd, Vice-Chair: Barbara Ixba
2013-14 Chair: JP Fugler, Vice Chair: Jonathon Boyd
2012-13 Chair: Sami Womack, Vice-Chair: JP Fugler
2011-12 Chair: Barbara Ixba
2010-11 Chair: Shawn Duthie


This interest group sponsors convention programs which deal with teaching theatre and directing mainly high school productions.

2022-23 Chair: Shawn Duthie
2020-21 Chair: Amberley Tanner, Vice-Chair: Kari McKenzie
2019-20 Chair: Sami Womack, Vice Chair: Vicki Kirkley
2018-19 Chair: Kari McKenzie, Vice-Chair: Sami Womack
2017-18 Chair: Louie Pacheco
2016-17 Chair: Aimee Kasprzyk, Vice-Chair: Louie Pacheco
2015-16 Chair: Sami Womack, Vice-Chair: Ashley Freeman
2014-15 Chair: Kendra Willeby, Vice-Chair: Sami Womack
2013-14 Chair: Shawn Duthie, Vice-Chair: Kendra Willeby
2012-13 Chair: Matt Wilmore, Vice-Chair: Shawn Duthie
2011-12 Chair: Ronda Craig
2010-11 Chair: Cynthia Almaguer; Vice-Chair: Raymond Puchot

Interpersonal / Organizational Communication

This interest group focuses on research and teaching methods in interpersonal, small group, and organizational communication. Undergraduate and graduate student paper submissions for the annual conventions are welcome. Due date: February 1 of each year for the following October Convention

2022-23 Chair: Ian Etheridge, Vice-Chair: Cryste Beard
2020-21 Chair: David Brown
2019-20 Chair: Angela Vrana
2018-19 Chair: Dariela Rodriguez, Vice-Chair: Angela Vrana
2017-18 Chair: Meghan Pace, Vice-Chair: Dariela Rodriguez
2016-17 Chair: Lisa Campbell, Vice-Chair: Carolyn Baum
2015-16 Chair: Lisa Campbell
2014-15 Chair: Edrick Ellis
2013-14 Chair: June Smith
2012-13 Chair: Amanda Custy-Schaas, Vice-Chair: June Smith
2011-12 Chair: Miranda McDonald
2010-11 Chair: Sarah Contreras; Vice-Chair: Natalie Bryant

Rhetoric & Communication Theory

This interest group focuses on research and teaching methodology in rhetoric studies and communication theory. This group sponsors a $100 award for the best undergraduate or graduate student paper presentation at the annual TSCA Convention.

2022-23 Chair: Zachary Carlock, Vice-Chair: Camille Bales
2020-21 Chair: Dariela Rodriguez, Vice-Chair: Joanna Hickey
2019-20 Chair: Zachary Carlock
2018-19 Chair: Rachel Riggs, Vice-Chair: Zachery Carlock
2017-18 Chair: Amanda Jo Ratcliff, Vice-Chair: Rachel Riggs
2016-17 Chair: Leslie Rodriguez, Vice-Chair: Amanda Jo Ratcliff
2015-16 Chair: Carolyn Baum, Vice-Chair: Leslie Rodriguez
2014-15 Chair: Joanna Hickey, Vice-Chair: Carolyn Baum
2013-14 Chair: Trudy Hanson, Vice-Chair: Joanna Hickey
2012-13 Chair: Chad Flisowski
2011-12 Chair: Charles Green
2010-11 Chair: Linda Alderson

Instructional Development, College & University

This interest group sponsors convention programs and workshops on teaching methodology appropriate for higher education classes. It also focuses on political developments in the Texas Legislature concerning higher education.

2022-23 Chair: Mendy Meuer, Vice-Chair: Kierra Warren
2020-21 Chair: Justin Blacklock
2019-20 Chair: Justin Blacklock
2018-19 Chair: Dale Anderson
2017-18 Chair: Dale Anderson, Vice-Chair: Lucy Cannon
2016-17 Chair: Dale Anderson, Vice-Chair: Mendy Meuer
2015-16 Chair: Patrick Ralls, Vice-Chair: Mendy Meurer
2014-15 Chair: Mendy Meurer, Vice-Chair: Patrick Ralls
2013-14 Chair: Mendy Meurer
2012-13 Chair: Mendy Meurer
2011-12 Chair: Mendy Meurer; Vice-Chair: Patrick Ralls
2010-11 Chair: Karl Payton; Vice-Chair: Mendy Meurer

Instructional Development, High School

This interest group sponsors convention programs and workshops on teaching methodology appropriate for K-12 classes. It also focuses on political developments in the State Board of Education and the Texas Legislature concerning K-12 education in Texas.

2022-23 Chair: Amberley Tanner, Vice-Chair: Wendy Curran Meyers
2020-21 Chair: Mellessa Denny, Vice-Chair: Kelsey Vincent
2019-20 Chair: Nicole Cornish
2018-19 Chair: Shelby Randolph, Vice-Chair: Nicole Cornish
2017-18 Chair: Greg Mayo, Vice-Chair: Shelby Randolph
2016-17 Chair: JP Fugler, Vice-Chair: Greg Mayo
2015-16 Chair: Lacy Cannon, Vice-Chair: JP Fugler
2014-15 Chair: Nicole Cornish, Vice-Chair: Lacy Venhaus
2013-14 Chair: Eric Mears, Vice-Chair: Nicole Yeakley
2012-13 Chair: Melissa Witt, Vice-Chair: Eric Mears
2011-12 Chair: Mellessa Denny; Vice-Chair: Michelle Pittman
2010-11 Chair: Holly Reineking; Vice-Chair: Mellessa Denny

Instructional Development, Middle School / TJSDA

This interest group sponsors convention programs and workshops on teaching methodology appropriate for middle school classes.

2022-23 Chair: Lindsey Petropolous, Vice-Chair: Heather Huffman
2020-21 Chair: Xochitl Callego, Vice-Chair: George Tennison
2019-20 Chair: Sara Jane Barno
2018-19 Chair: Lindsey Petropoulos, Vice-Chair: Sara Jane Barno
2017-18 Chair: Clay Wheeler, Vice-Chair: Vanessa Amos
2016-17 Chair: Brandon Cohn, Vice-Chair: Clay Wheeler
2015-16 Chair: Brandon Cohn, Vice-Chair: Clay Wheeler
2014-15 Chair: Colin Malinak, Vice-Chair: Brandon Cohn
2013-14 Chair: Vanessa Amos, Vice-Chair: Jamie Uphold
2012-13 Chair: Sara Jane Barno, Vice-Chair: Vanessa Amos
2011-12 Chair: Jamie Uphold
2010-11 Chair: Sandra Jones

Diversity & Inclusion

2022-23 Chair: Andy Ziegler, Vice-Chair: Victoria Beard
2020-21 Chair: Andrew George Barrett



The Texas Speech Communication Association invites submissions of scholarly posters, papers and panel presentations by undergraduate and graduate students for its 2024 annual convention. Click here to view the full call and find the online submission form.
Congratulations go to Jeremy Hutchins our new Vice-President Elect. Read more about Jeremy and his background here.
The Nominating Committee has presented two candidates for consideration as Vice President-Elect. Check out the Convention page to view the packets for Justin Blacklock and Jeremy Hutchins.
Our annual convention is just around the corner. Make plans to join us October 12-14 in Houston. The program has been sent to the printer. Click here to view the convention program.
The 47th volume of the Texas Speech Communication Journal has been printed and shipped. Members who signed up to receive a printed version of the journal should receive their copy soon.
The call for manuscripts and teaching activities has been issued for Volume 48, Issue 1 of the Texas Speech Communication Journal. Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2023. Read the full journal call here.
2024 Convention

Developing a New Generation of Leaders

Date: October 10-12, 2024
Location: Embassy Suites Amarillo
550 S Buchanan Street
Amarillo, TX 79101
(806) 803-5500