Texas Speech Communication Association

Lesson Plans

1.  Accountable Book Clubs: Focused Discussions
Classroom book clubs traditionally involve student-led discussions about books, but often teachers feel that these clubs need more direction and accountability. In this lesson, students in grades 7 an...
2.  Communication Process
Understand how the components of the communication process work and demonstrate how to make appropriate communication choices for various contexts. Students will: 1. understand the definition of com...
3.  Levels of Communication
Understand the five levels of communication and be able to give examples of each in our lives. ...
4.  Listening
Understand the listening process and the specific kinds of listening. Recognize roadblocks to listening and how to remedy them....
5.  Verbal Communication
Understand the types of languages used and how to more effectively communicate through the use of words....
6.  Nonverbal Communication
Understand the types of nonverbal communication and how it impacts the messages that we send or receive....
7.  7. Groups
Understand the different roles in groups. Apply strategies to effectively communicate in groups positively contribute to groups. ...
8.  Basic Speech Format
Students will learn strategies to capture the audience's attention, organize their speeches into the 3-point format, use effective transistions, and develop appropriate elaboration in a speech....
9.  Interviewing
Understand the interview process and how to prepare for an interview....
10.  Communicating with Confidence
Understand the importance of speaking with confidence and becoming more comfortable with public speaking. Students will understand the role of communication apprehension as well as preparation factors...
11.  Persuasive
Understand persuasion and persuasive appeals and how they can be used to motivate an audience....
12.  Nonverbal Communication: Reading Body Language
Objective: Students will predict communication outcomes based solely on body language to recognize the importance of appropriate nonverbal strategies when presenting themselves. Silent video clips wi...
13.  Appreciating Diverse Viewpoints: A Lesson in Perspective
Objective: Students will analyze abstract art to deduce what it means to "respect" diverse viewpoints. This lesson is a great first-day or opening week activity for a debate class or any communicatio...
14.  Becoming an Active News Consumer
This is a lesson published and created by Scholastic Inc. I use it and really like the stepping stones it gives for students to evaluate sources and consider the information they consume as well as sh...
15.  Perception
Identify how perception influences communication choices....

The Texas Speech Communication Association invites submissions of scholarly posters, papers and panel presentations by undergraduate and graduate students for its 2024 annual convention. Click here to view the full call and find the online submission form.
Congratulations go to Jeremy Hutchins our new Vice-President Elect. Read more about Jeremy and his background here.
The Nominating Committee has presented two candidates for consideration as Vice President-Elect. Check out the Convention page to view the packets for Justin Blacklock and Jeremy Hutchins.
Our annual convention is just around the corner. Make plans to join us October 12-14 in Houston. The program has been sent to the printer. Click here to view the convention program.
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The call for manuscripts and teaching activities has been issued for Volume 48, Issue 1 of the Texas Speech Communication Journal. Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2023. Read the full journal call here.
2024 Convention

Developing a New Generation of Leaders

Date: October 10-12, 2024
Location: Embassy Suites Amarillo
550 S Buchanan Street
Amarillo, TX 79101
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